Professional Sports Teams Go Green with Their Stadiums

by Jill Clayton 06/10/2013 The San Francisco 49ers may have been 2013’s Super Bowl Runner-ups, but they could be #1 in LEED (“Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”) standards by the start of next year’s football season. The new 49ers stadium is hoping to become the first pro football venue to get LEED certification with… Read more »

Solar-Powered Buckyball Sculpture Brings Light to the Art Institute of Chicago With Moonlight

Artist Spencer Finch known for his use of color and light in the exploration of memory & perception has created a solar-powered “lunar lander module” that uses energy from sunlight to power a geodesic dome–shaped object—a “buckyball” that resembles the carbon molecules named for visionary architect Buckminster Fuller—positioned on top of the lander. Installed on… Read more »

Stanford scientists develop a solar cooling device that may be able to supply air conditioning without using electricity

What is the one electrical expense everyone would love to remove from their electric bill, air conditioning! Just that change alone would cause every home’s monthly bill to plummet and thanks to the work of three Stanford scientists working in solar that reality might be closer than you might think. Homes and buildings chilled without air conditioners. Car… Read more »

Microgrid Energy Creates Solar Educational Display

Solar is in the process of going mainstream, and key to that process is education and awareness. With this in mind, Microgrid Energy has created a Solar Traveling Education Program and Display for use in public presentations and school educational programs. Most people have a real interest in renewable energy and and want to learn… Read more »