SolarU Group Signup

Microgrid SolarUYour organization signed up for SolarU, and we are looking forward to meeting you at the innovative educational program from Microgrid Solar. In order to make sure there is room for everyone please fill out the form to the right and use the keyword you were given for your organization.

Attendees will learn how solar energy can directly benefit their homes, families, communities, and budgets. Our educational class brings homeowners up-to-date on the latest solar technologies. Tips and details will be provided on utility and government financial incentives that can often cover up to 65% of the cost.

Discover why 1000’s of homeowners are going solar every month:

  • Move toward energy independence
  • Run your home on clean sustainable solar electricity
  • Make an excellent financial investment
  • Set a good example in the community

All questions answered by a solar specialist.