Federal Tax Credit:

Microgrid Solar at Busch-Stadium St. Louis

Solar installed by Microgrid at Busch Stadium, St. Louis

The federal tax credit allows homeowners to take 30% of the cost of their solar electric system directly off the amount of taxes they owe.  This is a credit directly off your taxes, not a deduction, which would have less value.  Of course, you can only use the tax credit if you pay taxes, so if you have no taxable income it may not be of benefit to you.  Only the owner of the system can use the tax credit.


Ameren Missouri is among the Nation’s Most Progressive Utilities

Microgrid salutes Missouri’s largest utility company for its progressive policies on renewable energy. The solar rebates offered to homeowners, businesses and institutions by Ameren Missouri is helping Missouri add clean, sustainable solar electricity to its mix of electrical generation sources.