Double Special for Angie’s List

Angie's List Discount Microgrid Solar
Microgrid Solar DiscountWelcome Angie’s List Members! If you are considering solar power for your home we have specials available only to our Angie’s List customers!

  1. Angie’s List subscribers receive a $500 discount on any solar installation – no strings attached!
  2. Receive a free appraisal of your solar savings. Over the first 25 years of solar ownership. We assess your savings by having one of our technical analysts look at satellite image of your home and carefully calculate all of the relevant issues such as any sunlight obstructions, roof pitch and direction, etc. With this method we can usually determine your savings within 9% plus or minus. If you would like more information a site visit would be required so we could look at your home’s existing electrical system.

Below is an example of one of our current customers. If you are interested in getting an online appraisal of your solar savings, we would email you an appraisal for your home, but with much more detail then shown below.


If you are interested in getting an online assessment of your solar savings potential, complete all information to the right and our analysts will be back to you within two days.