Solar Powered Products

Solar Installer Checking Modules and RackingPreferred Pricing

Microgrid buys direct from industry-leading manufacturers. Our volume enables us to obtain preferred pricing from the manufacturer which we can pass on to our clients in the form of lower installed costs.

We also sell wholesale to approved contractors – for information contact

Technology & Brand Agnostic

The solar industry is growing quickly, and with this growth comes rapid changes in technology, and changes in equipment manufacturers. With this in mind, we are constantly re-assessing the products we offer, to ensure that we are delivering the best cost, performance, warranty, energy payback, and other key attributes.

Beware of companies that offer only a few brands; different situations call for different products, and optimal performance require that the best equipment for the situation be utilized. There is no one-size-fits all.  Below are some of the Manufacturers we are currently specifying.