Commercial Energy Efficiency Services

Few companies can afford to ignore energy efficiency–spiraling utility costs, generous incentive programs, and lofty sustainability goals are combining to drive significant investment in facility upgrades.  But it can be difficult to get reliable information for assessing the options, determining financial return, comparing technologies, etc.  Microgrid can provide the information you need.


Microgrid offers a full suite of energy consulting services that are focused on presenting comprehensive evaluations of energy efficiency upgrades in an easily digestible format. Services include:

Our Qualifications

Our engineers have experience in a wide range of projects varying in size and complexity, from an energy audit of a small retail business to full modeling and Energy Star Certification of large industrial facilities.  There is no facility that is beyond our capacity.

Learn more about our prior experience, projects, and credentials – Request a Qualifications Packet

Not All Audits are Created Equal

Nowadays, there are many firms offering energy audits and other efficiency consulting services. Unfortunately, many of these are sub-par in their capabilities. Microgrid recommends asking prospective consultants for samples of their work for comparison.

Free Audits

For clients we are working with on solar projects we offer to do a free walk through energy audit and Energy Star benchmarking.

ASHRAE Level I, II, and III Energy Audits

Microgrid Energy performing an audit at Busch Stadium

The Microgrid site assessment team can perform ASHRAE energy audits, Level I, II, and up to a Level III investment grade audit, as well as audits aligned with utility incentives. Our team has provided design oversight for new construction and assessment of existing facilities ranging from 10,000 to 1+ million square feet, including commercial office, hospitality, education, industrial, and sporting venues.  Learn more >>

Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling is the essential tool for precision – precision of design, cost-benefit analysis, capital investment planning, and LEED design as well. Microgrid can provide industry-leading energy modeling services. We have built a reputation nationally as an energy modeler with unsurpassed precision across a full range of facilities in size and complexity.


Even well-designed buildings need a tune up on a periodic basis in order to perform at optimal levels. Microgrid provides commissioning services for newly construction LEED projects, retro-commissioning for existing buildings, or re-commissioning for any building that is underperforming.  Learn more >>

Incentive Aggregation

Microgrid will help you take advantage of utility and federal incentives through comprehensive analysis of all available incentives – federal, state, and utility – as well as through proforma generation, and in-house certification of reporting required for obtaining incentives.

Energy Star Certification

Energy Star Certification is one of the best tools for demonstrating the high performance of a facility in comparison with similar buildings, and studies have shown that Energy Star certification increases overall building value. Microgrid is an Energy Star Partner; we are authorized to directly certify your building.

LEED Modeling & Design Support

Microgrid can provide architectural and engineering design support, including LEED compliant energy modeling. Because of our substantial experience with LEED projects, you can be confident that your new construction project will meet or exceed your energy and financial goals.  Learn more >>