Gateway to New Generation Vehicles Conference

Mark Your Calendars!  Gateway to New Generation Vehicles Conference at the St. Charles Convention Center is Oct 26th,  9:00am – 5:00pm, and just $30 per person. Hosted by St. Louis Clean Cities Coalition, come and learn about a variety of new vehicle technologies.  The new Chevy Volt, Tesla, and several compressed natural gas vehicles will… Read more »

Quick-Charging + Better Batteries = Mainstream Electric Cars

With just one advancement in a particular technology, the entire automotive landscape could change dramatically. 100 years ago, the invention of the self-starter ushered in just such a change – looking back, we now see it as the beginning of the era of internal combustion (and, consequently, the side-lining of electric cars). Today, a low-cost… Read more »

The EV-Hater’s Guide to Hating Electric Cars

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a complete and utter sales flop. Or so the general public were told, anyway, this week …..and last week… and the week before, by respected newspapers. The “sales flop” part surprised me the most, since I am one of thousands of people waiting in line to buy my electric vehicle. I… Read more »

AAA to offer Roadside Service for Stranded Electric Vehicles

For most people, the biggest downside to electric vehicles is their limited range — even the best models on the market still only travel about 100 miles on the highway per charge… which is pretty restricting in a world with so few EV charging stations. But AAA, the biggest roadside assistance service in the country, plans to offer a… Read more »

British Company Plans to Build Electric Vehicle Plant in Hazelwood

British Company Plans to Build Electric Vans in Hazelwood

HAZELWOOD – A British automobile manufacturer – Emerald Automotive – plans to put down roots in north St. Louis County. The endeavor could create work for hundreds, potentially thousands. Emerald Automotive wants to build a plant that could directly employ up to 580 people, plus another 400 suppliers, by 2015. Company Board Member Sharon Heaton… Read more »

available on the app store - find your electric vehicle charging station

An “ultra-cool” EV charging app

SO, you bought the electric car… and now you frequently have to face the fact that its range is only 100 miles. That may not have been a big deal in the showroom, but trust me on this – you’ll be watching that range-gauge like a hawk, and you’ll take to any port in a… Read more »

EV Charging Station Installed at Moonrise

Our friends over at the Moonrise Hotel just keep setting trends… Not long after we completed the  solar awning that now powers the Rooftop Terrace Bar, we installed a Coulomb ChargePoint Electric Vehicle Charging Station for the Moonrise. The station is situated just across from the main entrance to the boutique hotel. It is a… Read more »

Drivers can now make Charging Station reservations

Coulomb has introduced the ability for drivers to reserve a charging station. This is an exciting capability that ensures the charging station will be available when the driver arrives. This effectively increases the range of your electric vehicle because you will have the confidence that you can charge when you reach your more destination. CAMPBELL,… Read more »

government unveils new fuel efficiency labels

Government Unveils New Fuel Efficiency Labels

Are you in the market for a new car, but aren’t sure whether you should opt for a hybrid, plug-in vehicle or just a regular internal combustion engine vehicle? The U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency unveiled new fuel-efficiency stickers today that will provide details about a car’s estimated annual fuel costs… Read more »