Rare Earth (RE) Metals and the Future of Lighting

When improving energy efficiency, every light bulb counts. Some of our clients are replacing incandescent, metal halide, halogen and fluorescent lamps with LEDs. In most cases, the energy payback alone is strong enough to make this a sound investment. But soon, LEDs may be an even smarter buy, as global market forces are driving up… Read more »

How They Built Wind Where It “Couldn’t Be Done”

Tom Carnahan, President and CEO of Wind Capital Group, was a St. Louis attorney in 2005 and wanted to get into renewables. Surfing the web, he found a map of the U.S. at the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) website. States with wind farms were colored in. “Everything in the Midwest was colored in except… Read more »

US Adopts 30 Percent Energy-Efficiency Savings for Buildings

Re-posted from Environmental Leader More than 500 U.S. state and local code officials voted to adopt new building codes that will achieve 30 percent in energy savings, using the 2006 model code as the baseline, for commercial and residential buildings, reports the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). The new 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)… Read more »

YWS America Earns Energy Star

Microgrid Principal Marc Lopata recently certified the YWS America corporate office in Las Vegas, Nevada. The offices span just over 9,000sf, and received a score of 79 on the Energy Star Rating System. Although the building was originally designed with several inherently sustainable qualities, YWS recognized that there would be several challenges that would need to be… Read more »

Governor Nixon Speaks in St. Louis on Energy

Reposted from St. Louis Business Journal Gov. Jay Nixon unveiled his energy goals Friday afternoon before a group of CEOs and other leaders of major energy producers and industrial and commercial energy consumers during a visit to Washington University in St. Louis. The meeting, which was sponsored by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, also featured… Read more »

Ameren’s $71.6M rate increase approved

Missouri regulators on Wednesday approved a $71.6 million “Fuel Adjustment” increase for AmerenUE. This will raise the Fuel Adjustment charge on a typical residential customer’s electric bill from $1.66 to about $4.03 per month, the Public Service Commission said. The rate increase, intended to cover rising fuel costs, goes into effect Sept. 23, regulators said…. Read more »

Act On Energy Incentives Will Only Decrease – Act Now!

Heads up Illinois Greenies! Take note of incentives for T12 lamp replacements; they’ll only be decreasing from here! The Act On Energy business program is announcing the first ramp-down of the 15% bonus that is offered on top of the current incentive for the replacement of T12 lamps. The 15% bonus for T12 replacement will… Read more »

Catholicism Embraces Carbon Reduction

In recent years, the Catholic Church has been more active on environmental issues, urging people to be better stewards of the Earth while holding itself up as a model. In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI, dubbed “the green pope” for his environmental initiatives, announced his intention to make the Vatican Europe’s first carbon-neutral state, starting with… Read more »