Microinverters Are Changing Solar

Microinverters are getting a lot of buzz in the solar world right now, and use of this technology has increased tremendously this year. We thought now would be an appropriate time educate our readers on why Microinverters are changing the face of solar. The short explanation is that Microinverters are helping raise power production of… Read more »

Microgrid Featured on Fox 2 News

The news is spreading fast about St. Louis’ First Net Zero Home! Microgrid Energy CEO Rick Hunter talks with Fox 2 News about solar and our recent Soulard project, the first of its kind in our city. Learn more about St. Louis’ First Net Zero Home.

Quick-Charging + Better Batteries = Mainstream Electric Cars

With just one advancement in a particular technology, the entire automotive landscape could change dramatically. 100 years ago, the invention of the self-starter ushered in just such a change – looking back, we now see it as the beginning of the era of internal combustion (and, consequently, the side-lining of electric cars). Today, a low-cost… Read more »

Microgrid to Teach Solar Sales Course

During the last week of October 2011,  Microgrid’s Steve O’Rourke will teach a 5-day intensive course on Solar through St. Louis Community College. The course will focus on the business/financial case for solar photovoltaics (PV) as well as provide some of the technical basics. This course is for anyone who is interested in promoting solar… Read more »

St. Louis City’s First “Net Zero” Home

Solar energy installation produces as much electricity as the home uses from the grid Read More: Microgrid Energy, Solar Installation, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, St. Louis Solar Installation, Net Zero, Solar News, Soulard, St. Louis Clean Energy SAINT LOUIS – When Jim and Phyllis Young of St. Louis City decided to put solar panels on… Read more »

Solar Power can help you offset your ever-increasing energy costs

Ameren Asking IL Customers to Cough Up $90 Million More

SPRINGFIELD – Ameren Illinois customers may be in for a less-than-pleasant suprise when they open their electric and gas bills this coming January. On Tuesday, the Illinois Commerce Commission held a scheduled public hearing – the only scheduled public hearing – on gas and electricity rate increases for Ameren’s 1.2 million  customers. Ameren estimates the increases, slated for 2012, would cause the… Read more »

Kicking the Solar Tires

So you, or perhaps someone you know, has some interest in solar, but you aren’t necessarily in the market. You aren’t alone; there are a lot of people “kicking the tires” and trying to see what might make sense for their home or business. Microgrid can help you get some basic info on what will… Read more »

Solar Seminar & Tour Offered

Solar Energy for Business The Solar Industry grew 102% last year. Come learn why.   Fueled by federal and utility incentives, Solar is making major inroads in St. Louis. Learn the latest information on incentives, new technologies, costs, benefits, the state of the industry, etc. from the Solar experts at Microgrid Energy and Aschinger Electric…. Read more »