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The Solar Express Has Come to St. Louis

The “Solar Express” Has Come to St. Louis

Microgrid Solar is clean-powering events throughout St. Louis using a unique solar equipped truck and mobile phone charging station. This initiative is one of many community-focused initiatives being advanced by Microgrid.

St. Louis, MO (May 16, 2013) –  By now, many in St. Louis may have encountered a unique-looking truck that sports solar panels on the top and front of its raised roof. The “Solar Express” is making the rounds to dozens of community events, helping provide green power, along with a little education on solar power.

In recent years it has become a priority for event organizers to find more ways to “green up” their events. The Solar Express helps meet that demand, by providing a green power source that can be used to help power events.

The vehicle also carries along a Mobile Phone Charging Station that can plug in to the vehicle’s power source and provide a place for event participants to charge up their phones. The Charging Station is made up of numerous small lockers where you can leave your phone plugged in securely. “The phone charging has been a big hit at outdoor events where people don’t have a lot of options for charging up their phones,” said Marisa Lather, Marketing Director for Microgrid.

The vehicle uses the solar panels on its roof to gather energy from the sun, and convert it into electricity, which is stored in a battery bank on board the truck. The stored electricity can be made available for use in powering events or other situations that would normally require a gas-powered generator. Since the solar energy is stored in batteries, the power can even be used after the sun goes down.

The Solar Express is also available for emergency situations for people who need electricity where power is unavailable. “We discovered that there was another use for the vehicle that we didn’t originally plan on – providing power to those with a need during emergency situations, such as power outages after storms,” said Ben Good, General Manager of Residential Services.


Triple Bottom Line

The Solar Express is part of an extensive, ongoing community outreach effort from Microgrid. “We are a triple bottom line company; and that means that we take very seriously our obligation to get involved in the community and find ways to contribute and have an impact,” said Rick Hunter, Microgrid’s founder.

Microgrid has gained notoriety for its community programming, and was selected for a Heroes of the Planet Award from the St. Louis Business Journal. The award recognized the company’s efforts with the Green Power Community Challenge.

Source: St. Louis Post Dispatch