Solar-Powered Buckyball Sculpture Brings Light to the Art Institute of Chicago With Moonlight

Artist Spencer Finch known for his use of color and light in the exploration of memory & perception has created a solar-powered “lunar lander module” that uses energy from sunlight to power a geodesic dome–shaped object—a “buckyball” that resembles the carbon molecules named for visionary architect Buckminster Fuller—positioned on top of the lander. Installed on the open-air Bluhm Family Terrace at the Chicago Art Institute, Lunar will glow during the evening hours the color of moonlight—the exact light measured from the full moon over Chicago in July 2011.

Finch took a colorimeter, a device that measures the average color and temperature of a specific point of light, to measure the luminosity & chroma of the full moon over Chicago,  recreating it with the lunar sculpture.

Sadly he didn’t contact Microgrid Solar before he built it, we could have provided more productive panels and installed them in St. Louis to stand the long term test of the outdoors for much less then he paid in Chicago. Maybe next time.

Source: Co. Design & Spencer Finch& Bad at Sports