Federal Solar Incentives Set to Expire

For Commercial solar installations, Federal incentives can reduce the first year cost by up to 55%. At the end of 2011, these incentives will become less attractive.In particular, the Treasury Grant equal to 30% of the installed cost will revert to a 30% tax credit, so you have to carry additional cost until tax time.

And the current 100% First Year Bonus Depreciation will revert to 50% first year.

So although the total cash value of federal incentives will still remain at around 55% of the installed cost, the receipt of these incentives will come over a longer period of time.

There is still time for commercial solar projects to get underway in time to receive these incentives, but the window of opportunity is soon to close. Contact us to get details on how to take advantage of these incentives before they expire.

Further recommended reading: To Meet the Treasury Grant Deadline, published by Bill Ewing of Barnes & Thornburg LLP