Solar Structures Growing Trend in St. Louis

Solar structures have become a major trend nationally, and are really picking up steam locally. Solar awnings, carports, pavilions, and even bike racks are examples of this trend. These structures are surprisingly cost-effective, since you can normally take the Federal incentives against the cost of the structure, and not just the solar.
Microgrid has been on the forefront of this trend having installed a number of solar awnings and a solar carport project. We are currently working on a unique solar awning for the Kerr Foundation. This awning uses an exciting new translucent and frameless solar panel, that gives the awning a sleek high design appearance. Stay tuned for more on this.
We also are working on a number of solar carport projects which have integrated Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. Compared to regular rooftop solar installations, solar carports offer dual purpose of shading and protection from the elements, easy cleaning, no need to worry about removing solar to replace a roof down the road.
As we covered in a previous article, Microgrid teamed with the Washington University Sam Fox School of Design in putting on a Solar Structures Design Competition. The idea was to harness all the interest in taking solar structures to the next level in terms of good design. And the response has been excellent, with over 70 registrants, including national and international participants. The results of this competition will be released in late September.