St. Louis Greenprint 2011

St. Louis Regional Chapter and Growth Association prioritizes greenprint, health of regional climate
St. Louis Regional Chapter and Growth Association prioritizes greenprint, health of regional climate

Just over a week ago the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association convened a meeting of leaders in business, education and government to begin constructing St. Louis Greenprint 2011, a “strategic plan to help grow sustainability and prosperity” in our region. Under the umbrella of the RCGA’s St. Louis Climate Prosperity Project, the ‘greenprint’ will outline a plan of action directed by the belief that “innovation, efficiency and conservation in the use and reuse of resources can increase jobs, incomes, productivity and competitiveness of a region.”

The Greenprint aims to strengthen regional climate prosperity activities that will improve the St. Louis region’s vitality, economic health and community wealth by focusing on these objectives:

  • Increasing the depth and breadth of regional companies and organizations adopting more sustainable business practices
  • Increasing the regional supply and demand for green products and services, as well as exports from our region
  • Spurring entrepreneurial growth and innovation in green industries and services
  • Strengthening the regional workforce for green industries and services
  • Enhancing quality of life in the region through sustainability attributes and restaging of the regional “green brand”

The strategies arising from the St. Louis Greenprint 2011 also will be integrated with the economic development goals of the RCGA targeted industry sectors, with emphasis on the Sustainable Technologies cluster (advanced energy technologies, plant science/ag tech, sustainable building design and materials). At the July 15th meeting, the group received an overview of the St. Louis Climate Prosperity Project and began a discussion on the Greenprint objectives and metrics.  Four Working Teams were formed to create action plans around (1) increasing demand and supply of green products and services, (2) fostering an entrepreneurial infrastructure for green businesses and innovation (3) strengthening the green workforce and (4) developing a green export strategy and attracting direct foreign investment.

These Working Teams will meet again on August 3rd and 4th and through the Fall to design specific programs and activities to advance climate prosperity in the St. Louis region. In addition, St. Louis Greenprint 2011 will also include a catalog of regional climate prosperity assets and sustainability initiatives that will be used to promote St. Louis’ green economy to national decision-makers.  A Climate Prosperity Leadership Summit will occur in December to launch the St. Louis Greenprint 2011.

Announcement adapted from the St. Louis Chamber and Growth Association website,