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Moonrise Solar Video

The giant moon that rotates over the Delmar Loop is now powered by the sun.
The Moonrise Hotel made an addition to their rooftop that has made one of Saint Louis’ most popular landmarks environmentally friendly. 60-feet of solar panels were installed last week. So now the sun, powers the moon and everything else up on the hotel’s rooftop.

With CO-2 emissions damaging the earth’s atmosphere every day, the staff at the moonrise hotel came up with the idea of using solar panels on the roof of the hotel to fight back against those high yearly CO-2 emission numbers.

“It’s a wonderful thing to put 60-feet of solar panels to offset the CO2 emissions that we emit. That’s 10-thousand pounds of co2 per year, which is the equivalent of driving 8-thousand miles,” Joe Edwards . The panels are capable of generating 4 kilowatts of power, which means everything on the rooftop will generate from solar power, including that famous moon, that never stops rotating.

“To do it up here on the rooftop is really special to me because it offsets the power it takes to rotate the moon, the world’s largest man-made moon. So it’s when the sun powers the moon right here in St. Louis and it’s so exciting to watch that moon, when people watch the moon rotate and go through its phases they know, ‘wow. the sun is powering that. it’s not costing any oil. it’s not costing at other energy,”said Edwards.

This is just another way that the moonrise hotel remains consistent with the green movement, like many of its neighbors in the Delmar Loop. The panels were installed last week by microgrid energy, a Saint Louis based company, that has also worked with the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Saint Louis Cardinals.