Microgrid Installs St. Louis’s First Networked EV Charging Station

With new EVs soon to appear in St. Louis, the scramble is on to put the charging infrastructure in place to help reduce “range anxiety”

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Rick Hunter, Microgrid Energy CEO, charges a Tesla with the new EV Charging Station at the St. Charles headquarters of Novus International

Microgrid Energy CEO Rick Hunter charges a Tesla with the new EV Charging Station at the St. Charles headquarters of Novus International. Photo Credit: Microgrid Energy


Saint Louis, Mo.Microgrid Energy – a St. Louis-based solar installer and energy efficiency company – announced today that it has installed an electric vehicle (EV) charging station at the St. Charles headquarters of Novus International, Inc., a leading health and nutrition corporation for livestock, pets and people.  The Coulomb ChargePoint® Charging Station is the first networked EV charging station in the St. Louis area.

“With electric vehicles soon to hit the streets in our area, it’s great to see a forward-looking company like Novus promote their use and make such a significant commitment to sustainability,” said Rick Hunter, CEO of Microgrid Energy.  “Microgrid is excited to work with companies like Novus to do our part to promote the growth of Electric Vehicles in our area; this is such a critical juncture for the clean energy industry.”

The EV Charging Station was installed in the Visitor parking lot. It offers Level II fast charging, using a universal adapter that all new electric vehicles will be able to utilize. The internet-connected aspect of the charging station allows it to take advantage of a variety of advanced features offered through Coulomb’s ChargePoint Network. For example, the location of the station can be accessed via an internet map and by mobile phone apps.

Workplace charging benefits provided to Novus by Coulomb’s ChargePoint Network include:

  • Access Control:  Controlling access to the networked charging stations, requiring a fee or making the station free, eliminating energy theft, and enhancing safety.
  • Data Collection: Tracking energy usage, greenhouse gas and fuel savings is necessary when measuring and demonstrating the success of corporate-sponsored green initiatives.  The ChargePoint Network provides the ability to track and report the benefits associated with workplace EV charging.
  • Smart Grid Enabled:  Smart charging stations designed with utility-grade meters deliver the ability to communicate with other smart grid systems, enable demand response,
    time-of-use pricing, and other smart grid programs provided by Novus’ local utility.

In an effort to respond to the recent surge in interest in EV Charging Stations, Microgrid will be offering a free Seminar on this new technology. The seminar will take place May 3, at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood. Click here for more info.