Improving the Bottom Line for Building Owners

Microgrid provides clients with savings that increase annually

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If you are a building owner, energy performance is a growing opportunity for you to improve your bottom line. This translates into lower operating expenses, higher Net Operating Income, higher building value, and preserving more capital to invest in your core business.

This year, Microgrid’s energy efficiency clients will receive over $300,000 in Ameren incentives. These incentives are in addition to the millions of
kilowatt-hours of energy savings they will enjoy every year, and over time those savings will increase annually as utility rates continue to escalate.
Businesses in the Midwest have historically budgeted $1.25 to $1.75 per square foot per year, but we are seeing these numbers climbing as high as
$3.00 per square foot per year. An efficiency program can usually reduce that number by 25% with a straight-line payback of less than 2 years. Or as much as 50% with a 4-6 year payback.

Since 2007, our Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency “Distributed Power” approach has reduced the grid energy used in our clients’ buildings by over 12,000,000 kWh per year and counting.

That equates to about 45,000,000 kWh of fuel energy not burned in a power plant each year.

This year, Microgrid's energy efficiency clients will receive over $300,000 in Ameren incentives