Seminar Series Update

We have just three seminars left in our current series. Please note date changes, and spread the word!

May 31 – EV Charging Stations & Solar Parking

Electrical Vehicles (EV’s) are on the road now, and every major manufacturer is preparing to enter the EV market. To help enable this transition, businesses, governments, institutions, and homes will be installing EV Charging stations. We will be giving an overview of the latest technologies available for EV Charging, how EV readiness is being planned for in the St. Louis area, how to incorporate solar carports to a Charging Station project, and what the costs and benefits are for those considering installing stations.

Who should attend? – Representatives of local government groups, nonprofits, higher education institutions, businesses with customer parking, and anyone considering getting an EV.

June 28 – Solar for Residential Architects & Builders

Homebuilders are increasingly incorporating green elements into their homes, in response to customer demand, and as a marketing differentiator. Solar is one of the least understood of the green elements that can be utilized. This seminar will focus on Solar PV and Thermal  for homes, including design requirements, incentives, cost/financing options, benefits, and technology options.

Who should attend? – Architects and Builders with a residential focus.

July 26 – Renewable Energy for Higher Education

Higher Education Institutions have shown leadership on renewable energy, across the nation; but the structuring of the available incentives can make it a challenge to make renewables projects feasible. We will discuss a number of strategies that can be employed that make it possible to achieve affordability (even zero cost!) for Higher Ed to invest in renewable energy.

NOTE – this presentation will have much of the same information as contained in the Nonprofit presentation on March 9th.

Who should attend? – Nonprofit leaders, board members, donors, project managers of nonprofit construction projects.

Seminar Series on Renewable Energy and its applications for various industries

The events will be held at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood, from 4-6pm, and appetizers will be served. Click here for more details / registration.