Virginia Utility makes EV Charging Cheaper

Written by Megan Treacy on 04/02/11

Virginia utility Dominion Virginia Power has begun a pilot program that will allow EV owners to charge their batteries for half the cost as long as they do it overnight.

The utility says that at off-peak rates, enough battery power for a 40-mile commute costs $0.86, but for the 750 EV owners who are part of the program, that cost will be lowered to $0.35.  The customers will use a specific charger installed for the program.

The utility may also offer the participants a lower rate for all of their off-peak electricity if they agree to pay a variable rate for charging overnight — somewhere between $0.33 and $0.41 for a 40-mile charge.

It’s obvious how the program benefits EV drivers, but a scheme like this helps the utility too.  By encouraging overnight EV charging, they are reducing their load fluctuations during peak hours, which can save them money as well.

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