Power Shift 2011

This April 15 – 18th, the Washington D.C. Convention Center will be filled with citizens from across the U.S. – primarily young citizens – all calling for change in energy policy. Power Shift 2011 will be the third conference of its kind, following on the heels of Power Shifts 2007 and 2009. The latter drew 12,000 people to D.C., representing every Congressional district in the nation. Among the participants’ accomplishments was a demonstration targeting the Capitol’s coal-fired power plant. The plant was shut down.

The goal for this year’s conference entails equipping participants for local, grassroots change, as well: “Each participant will head to Power Shift not only as an individual committed to seeing political change, but as an activist and leader eager to build the specific skill set required to return and lead their community towards tangible and visible change over the course of the next two years… as the largest generation in American history, we are ready to build the green economy city by city, to transform higher education, to join forces on the ground with our religious and local community leaders so together we can build the future we know is essential for our long term success as a nation.” – powershift2011.org

The conferences are projects of the Energy Action Coalition (self-described as “The hub of the youth climate movement”). You can read more about the Energy Action Coalition at energyactioncoalition.org.