Creating Green Jobs In St. Louis

There is a lot of talk about green jobs these days, but for many there is a question about whether such jobs are actually being created. With that in mind, we are happy to report that Microgrid created 7 new green jobs in 2010 and is planning to hire for additional positions throughout 2011.

Most recently Dan Hancock has joined our team as Vice President of Business Development. Dan has a long history in high-end technology sales. After many successful years with a Fortune 500 company, he now brings this expertise to Microgrid Energy.

Clean energy will be the new major economic driver in the next decade. And St. Louis is going to be a part of that new economy. The RCGA and St. Louis Green have worked together to launch the new St. Louis Green Jobs & Education website – see – and nearly every Higher Ed institution has green classes, degrees, and training programs available or in the works. 2011 is poised to be a landmark year for Green Jobs in St. Louis.