HOK conceptualizes net zero emission office building for St. Louis

HOK and the Weidt Group have come up with a concept office building that has been designed to Net Zero Emission Building standards of the US Department of Energy. The office, called the Net Zero Co2urt, has been conceptualized to be built in midtown St. Louis, which was chosen specifically for its four-season climate. The building, which has to adapt its energy requirements to ever-changing environmental conditions, will consume 76 percent less energy than comparable office buildings.

Optimizing the use of daylight reduces energy demand for artificial lighting. The shape and orientation of the building have also been designed to take some load off the heating and ventilation system. The designers have also put the floors of the building to work, as they carry a radiant heating system and an under-floor air distribution system.

The building also includes 51,800 square feet of solar panels that have been incorporated in the walls and the rooftop. The roof of the southern wing will be carrying 5000 square feet of solar thermal tubes, which collectively leave the building an annual energy cost of $2418, or 1 cent per square foot.