Microgrid Receives Two Energize Missouri Grants

Microgrid Energy is the recipient of two grants that will fund Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies for facilities for St. Louis County and the City of Clayton, as part of the Energize Missouri Program offered through the MO Department of Natural Resources.

The grant for St. Louis County includes studies for a defined set of 15 facilities, owned by St. Louis County, which will be assessed for feasibility to install onsite renewable energy systems, including solar electric photovoltaic (PV) systems, solar hot water, and ground source heat pumps. The final report will include individual assessments for each facility, including drawings showing best locations for PV systems, a financial analysis, analysis of facility conditions relevant to the install of solar equipment, and system integration requirements. Each report will include reference to an overall plan for incorporating renewable energy into the County’s facilities, with suggested prioritization based on the findings of the feasibility studies.

The grant will align nicely with the push by St. Louis County to become one of the greenest Counties in the state. Although the County has plans in place to do efficiency and renewables projects, there was a need to do a more comprehensive plan for integration of renewables and to assess opportunities at a larger portion of their facilities.

The City of Clayton grant will yield feasibility studies for Solar Electric Systems for a total of 20 facilities, including

  • 4 properties owned by the City of Clayton
  • 6 properties owned by the Clayton School District (5 schools and an administrative building)
  • 10 large commercial properties, privately owned, located in the downtown area.

These studies will help in achieving the Goals of the Clayton Green Power Community Challenge, which seeks to meet EPA targets for green power use as a percentage of the total use of the community. Solar electric installations are one way to meet the goals of the Challenge. If successful, Clayton will become the first Green Power Community in the state. “We are excited about this opportunity to expand upon our efforts with the Challenge, and we appreciate the assistance of the City of Clayton in obtaining the grant”, said Microgrid’s Rick Hunter.