California’s Push Towards EV

Tom Ashbrook’s NPR radio show discusses California’s push towards EV use and their increased infrastructure for Electric Vehicles in a time where oil is pouring out into the gulf.

Monday, June 21, 2010 at 10:00 AM EDT
The California Electric Car Push

California’s big push for cars to go electric. As the Gulf mess grows, we look at what it takes to get off oil.

The oil keeps gushing in the Gulf of Mexico. The race is on, we’re told, to stop it. But there’s a bigger race, too: to get off oil. It’s hard to do that when the gas station is the number one fueling point in the country. Electric vehicles could swing a big move to alternative energy. California is placing a big bet on the electric car future. Plowing in infrastructure – thousands of charging stations – to charge up the car while your at the movies, out to eat, out shopping. It’s a get real effort on the alternative energy front.

This Hour, On Point: After gas stations. The electric car lessons out of California.

-Tom Ashbrook

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