Watch solar grow on NREL’s new solar map – The Open PV Project!

Ever wish you could actually see solar booming across the country?  With the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s new Open PV Project, you can actually visualize the growth of solar across the nation, from 2000 to present.  NREL just launched an amazing PV solar progressive heat map that lets you see solar installations through time, in bright bursts across the states.  You can also access data on the number and size of installs, solar capacity, and cost per watt for solar for the various states — all over time.

The PV project is a collaboration among government, industry, and the public — users are able to add their own PV installation data and see PV data entered by other users!  This map is a step in the right direction to opening access to energy information for everyone.

Check out NREL’s PV Project map and see for yourself how quickly solar is growing all across the U.S.!